Chinese investors "FOMO" in metaverse hype to boost concept-related stocks

From baijiu sommeliers to talkback pet cats, gaming companies now try anything metaverse to take advantage of the current hype and inflate share price.

Wallstreetbets takes a fancy to Chinese stocks against all odds

Rebbeca Ren · September 16, 2021

Although Chinese investors are upset about the top-down crackdown on China concepts stocks, the popluar r/WallStreetBets investors are raising their bets.

Asia Innovations Group CEO on live streaming frenzy, gig economy, and overseas expansion

Aron Chen · September 15, 2021

How Chinese live social company capitalizes on the wave of gig economy to log substantial growth in emerging markets.

Tencent emphasizes again on promoting common prosperity in China

Zijing Fu · September 9, 2021

Tencent celebrates 6th annual 99 Giving Day, a internal charity day amid the rollout of the national common prosperity plan of China.

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