Is Weibo no longer the top choice for foreign celebrities jumping on the Chinese social network hype?

Maye Musk joined Xiaohongshu recently, sparking thousands of comments about her book, choice of fashion, potential illness judging from the color of her tongue, and her son's company's gross mistreatment of Chinese consumers.

Baidu Unveils AI-Powered Editing Tools, Creator Support Plan to Enhance Short Video Push

Aron Chen · April 29, 2021

The company, specialized in search, artificial intelligence and knowledge discovery, is pushing its short video offerings towards being information-rich, rather than purely for eyeballs.

In the Race to Become Southeast Asia's Top Superapp, Gojek and Tokopedia Have to Unite

Rebbeca Ren · April 28, 2021

Like the Avengers, companies need to join forces if they want to win the war against Thanos, said an early investor in Tokopedia.

Alibaba and Tencent Are In a Public Cloud Battle in Southeast Asia

Wang Boyuan · April 26, 2021

In Southeast Asia, Tencent Cloud inherits its traits of social and entertainment, taking on the challenge of what was once considered its biggest domestic rival's mastery.

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