Stock Market

Listings of Chinese companies surge in Switzerland

“If a company prefers to be a big fish in a little pond versus a small fish in a large one, then the Swiss Exchange will be more enticing," Jos Dijsselhof, CEO of the Swiss bourse, said.

AI, with a taste for music, is here to stay

Zijing Fu · December 2, 2022

So are the human musicians.

Tencent Cloud forms an alliance to support Chinese enterprises going global

Rebbeca Ren · December 2, 2022

In Q3, Tencent's fintech and business services division, which includes the cloud computing department, grew 4% YoY.

Beijing Stock Exchange approves index funds to lure investors

Aron Chen · November 30, 2022

China Securities Regulatory Commission has approved the country’s first batch of fund that invest in the Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE) benchmark index, paving the way for investors to track the overall performance of the exchange.

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